Is Facebooking ageless

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -There are some activities out there that are only for the very young, such as playing in a sandbox or making mud pies.

And there are activities for the older folks such as shuffleboard and bridge.

But what about facebooking, the kids say, back off...the baby boomers say step aside Facebook ageless?

Okay I'll admit it, I do Facebook, but sometimes the complexities of the whole thing make me crazy..So I have to turn for help.

Stan Morris is our Web Content Producer and a rabid Facebooker..First off I wanted his opinion as to what Facebook really is.

Stan Morris, "They call it social networking. It's a website that everybody connects to. They use their pictures, their videos to socialize with other people whether they know them in real life or don't know them."

I use it mainly to keep up with old Air Force buddies and classmates and other friends around the country. Like Stan stays in touch with friends and relatives.

Morris, " It's a neat way for me to get in touch with them like I've never been able to do before."

Here at KAIT we use Facebook to keep you quickly informed of news and weather, sports and other interesting topics.

But is Facebook just for the 40 and younger crowd? We have over 6700 friends both young and old. In fact over 11 percent are over 55.

Whoever said Facebook is for the young, obviously never met Mrs. Naomi Spence. She finds old friends, old classmate friends and relatives and she's working on developing the family tree.

Mrs. Spence has used computers in business so the basic operations are familiar but she said when she got on Facebook she discovered quickly it wasn't just for the young.

"Now here's one right here. She's a friend of mine. I don't know how old she is but she's older than I am. There are a lot of younger folks on here but there are some that are my age or older."

Facebook has a lot of bells and whistles for the uninitiated.

Spence, "I haven't learned how to enjoy it yet cause I don't know enough about it but that's changing every day."

Using Facebook Naomi has been fleshing out the family tree and finding unknown relatives in other states. When she has a question her family members are quick to point her in the right direction.And like the rest of us who are not Facebook fanatics, her on-line time ebbs and flows.

"Someday's I'm on here half a day at a time and other days I don't get on it much."

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