Cops help kids shop for Christmas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Christmas shopping is an exciting thing for many people but a group of kids in Region 8 did it in style on Saturday with the help of a Jonesboro police officer!

Officers with the Jonesboro Police Department accompanied a number of kids from City Youth Ministries and other groups to provide a positive influence on them while they spent a $100 Simmons Bank gift card.

The kids say they love the experience of shopping with a cop and police have the same feelings!

"It gives them an opportunity to get out and they enjoy it and it gives us a time to get out with the kids and show a positive image on everybody," said Nick Holley.

The event is an annual one but was officer Nick Holley's first.  He said it was everything he expected it to be.  The kids could shop anywhere they wanted in Jonesboro, but most picked the mall.

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