Tips to keep you safe on the icy roads

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department and Fire Dispatch are releasing tips to ensure safety on the icy roads.

It is urgent to slow down at the first hint that the road is slick. Most skids could be avoided by adjusting to the conditions, and it is possible to recover from skids if you know how.
The experienced driver knows that skids are likely on curves and turns, so slow down ahead of time, then apply power slightly into the curve. Steering is steady, with no abrupt change in direction and, especially, no abrupt braking.

Plan ahead of time for lane changes; check your rearview mirrors, check your blind spots and signal your intentions to traffic behind and swing over in a long, gradual tangent. Make the move with the smallest possible steering change and with a light foot on the gas.

If you go into a skid, remember two cardinal rules—don't steer against the skid and don't hit the brakes. Instead, steer in the direction the vehicle is sliding until you feel recovery of traction, then slowly straighten the wheels and keep rolling.
If braking is necessary before rolling traction is recovered, apply the break peddle carefully so as not to lock the wheels and intensify the skid. You have better control in a skid situation if your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock breaks.

The expert driver is constantly on the lookout for areas that might induce skidding, such as unexpected ice patches or piles of wet leaves, to be found especially in shady areas or on overpasses. Keep in mind that wet ice, warmed by the sun, is twice as treacherous as "cold" ice.

Above all, the expert driver knows that a safe stop on icy or snow packed roads is a tricky maneuver which requires skill and good judgment. First of all, anticipate stops. Slow down gradually, well ahead of intersections, conscious of the fact that approaches to stopping places are apt to be polished and slick, because of stopping and starting traffic. Please remember if you have frost on your windshield,roads maybe slick from frost, use caution on bridge and overpass travel.

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