Alleged dog attack leaves Trumann woman scarred

by Stan Morris e-mail | Twitter

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A Trumann woman says she experienced one of the scariest moments of her life on the night before Christmas. That's when she describes a horrible dog attack that left her knee torn completely open.

Ollie Lawless says she heard cries for help. When she opened the door, a woman and her small child stood asking for help. The child had been attacked by a dog, according to animal control. They asked Lawless to use her phone to dial 911, so she let them in as she describes.

But the door wasn't pulled shut and moments later, Lawless says the same dog that attacked the girl charged into her home and went directly for her. She says she was sitting down when the dog latched its jaws into her knee, tearing it open.

"I was sitting in the chair over there and he just started attacking," said Ollie Lawless.

She is angry not just due to the attack but because she says she reported the dog to the city multiple times and it was allowed to remain free. She describes the dog as being aggressive toward children on many occasions but says it remained at the home, outside on a chain.

Trumann City Employee Billy Ray Williams, who is one of the individuals who has animal control responsibilities, says he had gone to the pit bull owner's home before. "I have been out to talk to the people about putting their dog up," he said, but he adds that they did not heed his warnings.

Region 8 News could not get a comment on the incident from anyone in the home where the dog lived.

But Ollie Lawless's stance on the incident is crystal clear, "I think the dog should have been dead because we have called the dog pound numerous times about this dog."

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