Sam's Club Plans Approved

March 11, 2003
Posted at: 10:19 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, Ark. -- After ten years of considering a store in Jonesboro, Sam's Club is coming.

Members of the city's Metropolitan Area Planning Commission heard the plan for the new facility at Tuesday night's meeting.

The store will be 118,000-square feet in size. While most shoppers are excited about its' construction, some neighbors are concerned about part of the plans.

The engineer and architect say Sam's Club Store #6377 will be located on the northwest corner of the land which is west of Caraway Road and north of Race Street. Four driveways will be built to get into the store parking lot. Bernard street will be extended to Race street. Builders will be making sure that many existing trees will be saved during construction.

Despite assurances, there were at least two concerns that neighboring business owners voiced at the meeting, drainage and traffic.

"I've seen all that water that comes down Race Street,"said businessman Chris Rutherford. "Of course, all that area right past me was flooded, you know, when we had that big rain, and I just want to mention that, because you know Race Street's not gonna handle any more water."

Plans include a retention pond in the southwest corner to handle water which exceeds normal rainfall. Another concern is a new traffic light which is planned to be installed between where the International House of Pancakes and Elephant Car Wash currently sit.

Jared seeman doesn't think the added traffic will be a problem for him or his father's business. He sits just across the street from the site of the proposed store. He just wishes his view could stay the same.

"It's going to be nice for the city, but it's going to be sad to see a huge, bright parking lot instead of the trees," Seeman said.