Soldiers leave Region 8 for more training

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KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - Many of the goodbyes have been said and Saturday morning almost two hundred soldiers left Region 8 for a second time.  Ten days after getting back home for a Christmas Furlough, soldiers in the 875th left around 7:00am Saturday morning for Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.

Sergeant Aaron Chase his wife Maria and children Garrett, Blake and Chloe made the best out of his last day on New Years Day.  "I cherish it because it is one more day that I have with them," said Sgt. Aaron Chase.  "We just spent time together playing with the kids doing ordinary just everyday things that we're going to miss," said Maria Chase.

Chase and his wife say they've tried to prepare the kids for what is coming.  "I tell them I'm going to another country.  I'm going to war.  That's pretty much it unless they ask," said Sgt. Chase.

While it is hard for the boys to understand the time involved in a ten to twelve month deployment they do seem to understand there will be danger.  "I pray to keep him safe when he goes out in the war and when he goes out to fight," said Garrett Doherty.  They will also miss him.  "I just will write letters and talk to him on the computer," said Blake Doherty.

"I'm prepared.  The army has made me prepared.  I have to make sure my family is as well," said Sgt. Chase.  To help, Chase said they bought a puzzle to help mark the time.  "I'm going to take the pieces with me and every so often I'm going to mail a letter home with a couple pieces at a time," said Sgt. Chase.  "When the puzzle is closer to being done it means he's about to be home," said Garrett Doherty.

Sgt. Chase is also worried about the smallest member of the family, his daughter Chloe.  "She's eleven months old and right now she knows her daddy one hundred percent," said Mrs. Chase.  "We have that doll.  She put a picture of my face where the doll is and so the whole time I'm gone she calls it daddy," said Sgt. Chase.

"I'm just really focusing on showing her pictures videos and making sure she keeps his memory," said Mrs. Chase.

Soldiers in the 875th's 1037th Route Clearance Company will be in Fort McCoy in Wisconsin for a few more weeks of training.  They will then leave for their deployment in Afghanistan for a ten to twelve month mission

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