875th soldiers leave Region 8

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - So many different kinds of love were shown Saturday morning as soldiers with the 875th Engineer Battalion's Route Clearance Company prepared to leave their families to prepare for their deployment to Afghanistan.

"Trying to leave to go do our job or whatever but its kind of tough to leave everybody," said Jimmy McLain.

"It's going to be heart breaking because he's not going to be here for a year.  We have three children to look after," said Toni McLain.

There are almost two hundred families just like this one who aren't ready for this day.

"I haven't cried any of the time that he's left to go to training.  I think this time is going to be a little harder because I won't see him for a year," said McLain.

"It's heartbreaking.  There's the unknown and you've got to leave your family behind," said Jimmy McLain.

The soldiers have the training and experience but even as they prepare for war saying goodbye is one of the hardest parts.

"They've got to pretty much fend for themselves and you can't do anything about it while you're gone so you just trust your family to stay together while you're out," said McLain.

"It's hard having to be a mom and dad, and the one-hundred percent caretaker," said Toni McLain.

As the doors close on the time they have with their loved ones the men are ready to face their future.

"We're kind of used to it.  This is the second time so I'm just ready to get over there and get it done," said Jimmy McLain.

The soldiers will be at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin for a few more weeks to finish up their training before heading to Afghanistan for their tour of duty.

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