Playground equipment sits empty while frigid temps persist

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

At Westside Elementary, it was business as usual on Monday....almost.

"We do at 40 degrees keep them inside," said Principal Katherine Glover, Westside Elementary.

While the cold weather didn't keep students at home, Glover says it will keep them inside--even during recess.

"We have to make sure that our students are taken care of, and we don't want a lot of sick students," said Glover.

"With the cold, below freezing temperatures, we're very concerned about that.   We monitor that temperature carefully," said Principal Donna Singleton, Baldwin Elementary.

The playground equipment sits empty at Baldwin Elementary, in Paragould, too.

"If it's less than 40 degrees--most of the time the kids will be kept inside because it is so cold," said Singleton.

"It's not just at recess Singleton says they want the students staying warm.

"Teachers keep a real close watch on that.   My staff that works outdoor recess time, they're noticing that before the kids ever even go outside," said Singleton.

Like at Baldwin, at Westside, Glover says if a child needs a coat--that need will be met.

In addition, both principals say they take weather conditions into consideration every day--taking precautions and planning ahead.

"I looked at the weather this week and knew that it would be a tough week for going outside.   That's just not going to happen," said Glover.

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