Woman accused of attacking police with bug spray and pipe

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email
WEST CITY, Il (KFVS) - What started out as a routine arrest ended with felony charges filed against a West City mother.
It all started December 29th, that's when West City police tried to serve an arrest warrant on 45 year old Anna Massa.
"She had a warrant for her arrest for permitting truancy for her 10 year old son,"said Officer Scott Davis.
"When we arrived there she shut off her lights and refused to come to the door."
But, Officer Davis says they were not going to give up that easily and they say neither did Massa.
"She was spraying bug spray at us through the hole in the door" Officer Davis said.
Davis said after that things really heated up when officers tried to enter Massa's home.
"She pushed the door out on top of Officer John Graskewitz. I stepped up on to the step and demanded she show me her hands. When she did she had a metal pipe in her hands," Davis said.
"She came towards me in a threatening manner with the metal pipe, at that time I pulled my taser weapon and tasered her" Davis said.
Anna Massa faces felony assault on a police officer charges and obstruction of justice.
She was originally only facing a misdemeanor charge for truancy.
"She took things to a whole new level for no reason really," Officer Davis said.