Helping to keep parents in the know

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

"If we're going to respond to the needs of our community and the parents that we serve, this is just one of the ways to do that," said Michael Allen, Woodrow Wilson Principal.

For the Paragould School District, it's a new way to better keep parents in the know.

"I really think parents will appreciate being informed," said Allen.

Relevant information reaching parents via a recorded phone call, text, or even an email, whether it's a notice of no school due to weather or a reminder about parent-teacher conferences.

"As we go through the coming months, we're going to discover more and creative ways to use this feature," said Dr. Aaron Hosman.

Paragould Superintendent Dr. Aaron Hosman says right now they're capable of sending messages to all parents of kindergarten through sixth grade students in the district.  He expects the capability to reach all parents in the district in the coming weeks.

"We just need to make sure that it's timely, it's informative, and we don't abuse it," said Dr. Hosman.

Dr. Hosman says  he wants parents to know that if those school numbers do appear on caller i-d, they realize the information they're about to get is important.

"If we're careful, if we exercise good judgement, as soon as they see that code--they'll want to answer the phone.   That's what we want," said Dr. Hosman.

Dr. Hosman says they can monitor how many messages are sent, how many calls were answered, even if the contact number they have isn't working anymore.  At Woodrow Wilson, principal Michael Allen says it's up to  teachers and administrators to use this new program wisely and effectively.

"I think that we can put parent's minds at ease knowing that we will communicate that--it's not going to just be left up to them to try and find out that information," said Allen.

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