Busy day for wrecker services Thursday

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – According to Craighead County E-911 Services, there were 39 vehicle accidents reported Thursday due to Wednesday night's snowfall. There were also five stalled vehicles reported to police. Travel was slow throughout the day as roads became slick with frozen precipitation.

"The morning started at about 3:00 this morning. We had a call about a couple of trucks in a ditch. We got them out and then we didn't really get a call until about 9:00 or so once traffic started picking up more," said Daniel Soule, owner of 1st Choice Towing & Automotive.

Soule told Region 8 News Thursday that his business always sees an uptick when dangerous weather strikes. There are 18 wrecker services in Craighead County, each of which went at least twice on E-911's emergency rotation.

"The highway department had called us on, they stopped them and they didn't really know who to call so the highway department called us so we went out and wenched them out," said Soule.

Soule said Highway 18 from Jonesboro to Lake City experienced the largest number of vehicle accidents. Highway 63 from Jonesboro to Trumann also had several accidents, according to Soule.

"A lot of people try to go past and in fact, on my way into town from the house this morning, there was a lady talking on her cell phone," said Soule. "She just started losing control, slid off and went right into the sidewalk and up into the embankment and never got off her cell phone. It was kind of surprising."

Soule said most of his services are contracted out with police departments and insurance companies, but his company also offers automotive services.

"It usually does increase call volume a lot. You know, a lot of people don't want to get out and we do a lot of stuff like roadside service, tire changes, lockouts, and things like that, a lot of people like the service. They're rather having us come out and do it. They really don't want to get out in the weather," said Soule.

Soule said his business is ready 24/7. He told Region 8 News he's driven as far as St. Louis to pull someone from a ditch.

"In rain storms and weather like this, you know, unfortunately when people are misfortuned and have accidents or anything like that or have problems with their vehicles, you know, we always do well," said Soule. "I really just think that the snow really draws attention to being cautious."

"If they're standing outside on a road, they're always happy to see a wrecker to get them off the road and get them back to safety and take care of their problems," said Soule.

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