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Use a wiki to build a community

By Levi Sumagaysay

Wikis are more than just a gathering place to share facts and figures. They've become one of the coolest tools for staying connected -- with all kinds of people. Here's how.

1. Connect with family far away

Since it is basically a Web site that everyone can add entries to, it's a perfect format for keeping in touch with family members across the globe (or at least across town). Check out wiki hosts such as Wikispaces or Google Sites. You may even want to start a family-history page and gather (and compare) everyone's version of family events. Who knows? You may even wind up with material for an award-winning screenplay!

2. Build camaraderie for your team

Could your softball team benefit from a little organization? A wiki is a great tool for keeping everyone informed of game schedules, practice times and fundraising events. It's also a useful format to break news about wins and rising stars. Start a stats page and a Hall of Fame page to celebrate players.

3. Find fellow TV addicts

Are you looking for fellow enthusiasts? With a wiki, any television show with a cult following can have its own vibrant online community. Wikis about TV shows can include episode guides, character lists and biographies. You might want to set up a forum for predicting and commenting on plot lines and character development, as well as information about film locations, sets and more. 

Levi Sumagaysay is a newspaper journalist, primarily in Silicon Valley. Sumagaysay specializes in business news, technology and electronic gadgets. Sumagaysay's work has appeared in the San Jose Mercury News and other Bay Area publications.

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