College students look at their futures

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) –   There are millions of americans searching for jobs, then add to that the thousands of students who graduate from colleges in Region 8.  The prospects have many taking extra steps.

"I couln't find a job anywhere," said Justin McClure.

Graduating college doesn't mean the hard work is over.  Finding a job can be another test all together.

"I lot of friends they were at home weren't doing anything going back to work going back to their hometowns I didn't want to go back," said ASU graduate student McClure.

Many students choose to continue their education.

"My plans now are to graduate and then go on to a pharmacy school," said ASU senior Jillian Brown.

Brown said she is still deciding exactly what she wants.  She will graduate either this spring or summer.

"My thoughts about the future, well for me they don't seem that dismal because I'm going into the healthcare profession," said Brown.

Graduating from college and then struggling to find work has brought many back to school.  While job loss is leading some to education.  Students say when looking for a job having only a high school education isn't enough.

"It takes much more than that.  Everybody gets a college degree now all over the country so it's very important to have," said McClure.

For those in school or who are thinking about going back, the possibilities are endless... especially with the recovery happening around the country.

"The economy will open back up soon so you will have choices to make," said McClure.

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