Is the Checkbook History?

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Many shoppers have become accustomed to fast and easy shopping right down to how they pay for purchases.

Has spending money by using plastic made the old way of writing checks a thing of the past?

it used to be "paper or plastic" meant how you wanted to carry your groceries home.

But lately it means more and more how you pay for your groceries. Some places are even refusing to take a check and many stores have long lists of conditions before taking your paper.

So is the checkbook soon to be a thing of the past?

Personally, I am a devout check writer. In fact I looked at my debit card today and it's expired.

It seems like it gets harder and harder to use checks. Many businesses have shopping lists of No's when it comes to checks.

Bradley Bowman is an Assistant Manager at Hays grocery in Jonesboro he said they have a pretty extensive list of check use conditions.

"Due to a lot of checks coming back bad on us and overdrawn checks they are just trying to make it stiffer so we won't get as many checks returned on us."

Another big drawback to checks is the amount of personal information that's on a check. For years it was common to have a drivers license number on the check which for many was their social security number as well..All it would take is one lost check to cause you a world of hurt.

At Hays Grocery store we watched customers checking out paying with checks, credit or debit cards or cash.

Vernon McKay has a debit he rarely uses, he likes the security of a checkbook.

"It's easier for me to keep up with checks. I'll remember to log them in the account and everything. It's just handier."

Joy Fortenberry has a check book but prefers the debit card. She only uses checks to pay bills, the rest of the time it's plastic.

"It's faster, it's easier and tells you everything on your statement what you used it for."

Bowman says at Hays it's the older shoppers that still use the checkbooks.

"The older generation seems like they are still using checkbooks but the younger generations are using the debit card more."

At Hays at least the check is not yet dead.

Bowman, "More and more people are going to debit cards but we're still having a decent amount of checks come through."

But it probably is going away.

McKay, "I think we're coming to that as everybody is getting paid with debit cards now . It's just a matter of time until the paper checks will be gone."

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