Gosnell PD looking for a rape suspect

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Gosnell Police say they are looking for 27 year old Kenneth W. Carter, Jr.

"We got a warrant for his arrest for felony rape of a 13 year old girl," said Lieutenant Darrell Watkins.

Gosnell Police Lieutenant Darrell Watkins says the alleged rape happened in mid-November. Watkins says the last time anyone reported seeing Carter was November 20th in Blytheville--about a week after the alleged rape.  Watkins says it's rare to not have any tips at all about someone police are looking for; however, Watkins says he's heard nothing about Carter's whereabouts since he was last seen on November 20th.

When asked if Carter was in danger, Watkins said there's always a possibility of that.

"Street justice if you will--you can call it that, but I just need to talk to him so he can answer for the warrant for his arrest," said Watkins.

"They thought maybe he was anywhere from abducted and hurt or just laying low," said Detective Lieutenant Scott Adams with the Blytheville Police Department.

Adams says Carter's family filed a missing persons report in late November, but Adams says Blytheville Police closed that when Gosnell obtained the warrant for his arrest in December.

"He's no longer considered a missing person, he's a fugitive from justice," said Adams.

Lt. Watkins says they won't stop looking for him.

"I'm not sure if he's disappeared, if he's run from the warrant or what, but we really need some help trying to find this guy," said Watkins.

Gosnell Police are asking for help from the public.  The number for the Gosnell Police Department is 870-532-8545, or you can call Blytheville Police at 870-763-4411.

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