Malden women's center shuts down, lays off most employees

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - The Center for Family Resources in Malden shut down and laid off all it's workers but one.

The board of directors met January 18 and decided to temporarily lay off all employees and suspend their benefits with the exception of one employee.

The homeless shelter for mothers and their children was shut down as was the shelter for women who are victims of domestic violence. The Center the Domestic Violence Hotline was disconnected. Parent aid services and the Victim Advocate Program were also suspended.

The Board of Directors cites cuts in grants, a decrease in charitable donations and the rising cost in providing services.

The center provided emergency shelter for homeless families, shelter for victims of domestic violence, are parenting and children's classes, educational workshops, crisis intervention and counseling.  It's served six counties since 1986.

The Board will meet again on February 8 to decide the future of the center.

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