More cases of Diabetes

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's a chronic disease you may already have and not even know it.  While it is a diagnosis you can live with, it's also one you can help to prevent.

"It doesn't run in my family at all and so I really didn't expect it," said Regina Becker.

Becker is one of over twenty million people living with diabetes.  After a free screening in September she found out her life would be different.

"I went and my sugar was high and so I had to go and get back and checked again and was diagnosed," said Becker.

"There are a lot of people that don't know they're at risk for it let alone that they actually have it," said Dr. Alyssa Wenger.

Dr. Wenger said you can actually go a long time with no symptoms at all and have diabetes.  A free diabetes screening held Saturday could lead to a diagnosis for some who have no idea.

"It's actually a lot more prevalent than people think and it's growing in prevalence," said Dr. Wenger.

Dr. Wenger said we used to always think about type one and type two diabetes as being found in Children and type two in adults but that is changing.

"We are noticing more and more children that are actually being diagnosed with type two diabetes," said Dr. Wenger.

It can be hard to get adjusted to.

"With chronic disease it's something you have to learn to live with and it's something that will stay with you over your lifetime," said Beverly Parker.

"It's just really hard to know what to eat and so I just really want to get more information," said Becker.

Diabetes is something that can be prevented.

"We can reduce the incidents of diabetes just by teaching people at a young age to eat better and get exercise," said Dr. Wegner.

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