Public Safety Chief Johnson Suspended for 30 Days

March 19, 2003
Posted at: 6:35 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Jonesboro Mayor Hubert Brodell has made a decision about his public safety director Floyd Johnson in light of recorded conversations.

Two months after the city's Public Safety Committee asked Brodell to respond to complaints against Johnson. Brodell responded with this: a 30-day suspension of Johnson for making a racial slur.

Brodell released a statement today around 4 p.m. The mayor says based on his investigation, Johnson's past work history, and other matters considered, the mayor says Johnson's actions are unbecoming of the Director of Public Safety, and that his actions warrant disciplinary action.

Brodell's punishment of Johnson includes the following:

  • A thirty day suspension without pay, following Johnson's recovery from ankle surgery.
  • Johnson is on notice that substantiated allegations of the use of a racial slur will result in disciplinary action, including termination.
  • Johnson is required to attend a race relations class.
  • Johnson will also have a copy of the memo from Brodell placed in his personnel file.

Brodell never responded for a requested interview. Johnson was unavailable for comment. According to city officials, Johnson is still recovering from ankle surgery.

On January 21, Jonesboro Police Sgt. Doug Formon filed a complaint saying Johnson threatened to fire him, after Formon spoke up at a city council meeting. After the Formon complaint was filed, the chief responded to the allegations with a letter to the mayor.

Johnson, a former Craighead County Sheriff, was taped in a conversation with a former Jonesboro policeman where he used a racial slur in describing African-Americans.