East Butler Co still experiencing sewer problems

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Terri Tipton says she's had sewage backing up into her yard for months, and the problem just stinks.

She said she's been paying her $63 per month bill for a service that hasn't been working, and last month decided she had enough and stopped paying.

So the sewer district turned her water off, and now it's saying she'll have to pay an additional $250 to get the service turned back on.

This is just the latest chapter in a long list of issues with the sewer system, and Tipton says enough is enough.

"It just fills up the bathroom floor and it is atrocious. It smells terrible. We have to go outside and pull what they call a candy cane off the back and then it all flows into the backyard," she said.  "We've bought property elsewhere and as soon as we can get things up and going we plan on leaving."

The Tiptons are not the only folks looking to move out.

A house two doors down is already for sale and the owner's say it's because of the sewer system.

The sewer district says it's doing all it can to keep the current system running, but a overhaul is needed.

A new system will cost around $4 million.

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