Power companies prepare for winter blast

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Craighead Electric had crews scattered across parts of Region 8 on Wednesday.  Monty Williams said some were trimming trees while others were doing day to day work.

Williams said, "I don't know how many we've got out there, but there's always, we're trimming trees all the time. Just like these guys working behind me, they're always some kind of maintenance going on."

According to Williams they are always prepared, but they had a meeting Tuesday to discuss the upcoming winter weather.

Williams said, "We all got together and made some contacts that we had from last year and we're making just reacquainting again and just getting our ducks in a row just in case something happens."

This next storm headed toward Region 8 is not going to be like last year's massive ice storm. However that doesn't mean there won't be problems.

When it comes to a choice, Williams said they would much rather have snow. "One thing that's a big difference is that ice accumulates on the powerlines where snow doesn't do that."

It may not collect on the powerlines, but it can add up on trees which could end up knocking out your power.

Williams said, "The snow will collect on pine trees a lot and they'll start leaning and fall and they aren't very deep. So they could uproot and fall across the powerlines and then there comes the lines down."

If the power does go out Williams said Craighead Electric will be on top of the situation. "Like we did in 2009, we'll work as fast as we can and we'll bring in as many linemen as we need to get it back on as quick as we can."

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