Grocery stores and shoppers stocking up

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Diane Gibbs is on a mission.

"Last minute shopping before the weather gets here," said Gibbs.

She's not alone. The threat of winter weather means bustling check out lines as people scramble to get the essentials.

"Milk, bread, and I needed some eggs--just picking up a few things just in case we get iced in," said Gibbs.

As people rush to fill their cabinets, workers at Hays are making sure their shelves are stocked too.

"It's definitely busier than most Wednesdays," said Assistant Manager, Matt Hill.

"When we know the weather's going to be bad--it definitely changes how we order," said Jason Grant.

At Bill's Fresh Market, Assistant Manager Jason Grant says they ordered 5 times what they normally would have of things like water, bread and milk--all ahead of the wicked winter weather being forecasted.

Jennifer Hare says she won't be caught off guard by whatever mother nature throws our way.  She's made her list, and checked it twice.

"I've got everything I needed so I'm ready for it.   Snow me in and I'll be in," said Hare.

"I learned my lesson from the last one and I'm going to be prepared this time," said Gibbs.

Gibbs says it was grandma's advice to stock up on milk, bread and eggs anytime winter weather threatens because you never know when you'll need it or what you will need it for.

"My friends say I'm crazy but so what--I'll be the one with power and all of the stuff inside and they'll be coming to my house," said Gibbs.

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