Bay church to help community

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Bay, AR (KAIT) - With a winter storm approaching it's best to have a plan in place and Bay United Methodist Church is leading the way. Pastor Angie Gage said her congregation will provide meals for city workers.

Gage said, "At the moment the crisis hits, the mayor notifies me, we have church members who will immediately be here at City Hall and we begin taking care of those who are caring for the community."

The Reverend Gage said the doors won't be open to the public immediately. First, they must wait on the mayor to see that the city workers have done what they need to do.

Gage said, "If the power is still off in the community we will move over to the church and do as we did last year and start providing lunch and dinner for the residents of bay and the surrounding area."

The church plans to stay open until they run out of supplies and funding. Last year they didn't have a plan in place and gage hopes this will make for a smoother transition.

Gage said, "When you're in a chaotic situation anyway, like an ice storm, having some kind of organized plan makes it go much easier."

Reverend Gage said helping the community is not about the church it's about the Body of Christ. Gage said, "Reaching out to our hurting community because when a disaster hits of any kind there's pain and suffering whether it's a large issue or a small issue."

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