Police urge drivers to use extreme caution

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro Police say unless it's absolutely necessary to get out, then they are encouraging people to just watch the wintry precipitation fall from the inside of your home.  Of course, when winter weather does begin to fall, bridges and overpasses will be affected first.  Police are urging people to use extreme caution as road conditions are expected to deteriorate once the winter precipitation begins to fall.

"Not only could there be a problem driving on icy roads, there may be a problem with downed power lines, and downed poles and even blockages on some of the roads," said Jonesboro Police Department Sergeant, Steve McDaniel.

Police also expect their call volume to increase as well. Officials say those accidents can be avoided if people will just stay off slick roads.

"If people just actually stay at home and wait it out and let the roads thaw before they go do non essential business, then it does slow down a little bit.   Usually the case is we have a lot of people who attempt to get out and look around and we do have an increase in accidents," said McDaniel.

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