Dealing with dangerous roads

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Despite the warnings, people still had to get out and about Friday.  The sights and sounds of winter could all be found in Paragould.  While this white wonderland is a welcome sight for some others aren't too happy about it.

"Oh, I love it.  I am so excited about this I walked in it," said Kelly Niswonger.

"When I pulled out of my driveway I turned sideways.  Out in the hills it's really slick and I advise people to be really careful," said Charles Lyles.

Snowy weather can keep some away from work or even stuck at home.

"They called me to ask if I was coming into work and I said yes," said Niswonger.

On Friday, people on the roads in Paragould didn't really need a speed limit, most heeded warnings to take it nice and easy.

"Everybody is so slow and I'm very surprised," said Niswonger.

"I've got wood in the back of my truck and I put it in low and drive 20 to 25 miles and hour and try to not get too close to anybody," said Lyles.

One of the toughest things for many drivers to do is get enough traction to move forward.  The roads are so coated at this point that seeing any of the markings, even the yellow lines is impossible.

"It scares me.  I remember the nightmare from last year and I don't want to see it again but I'm hoping it will be all right and end in a day or two and be back to normal," said Lyles.

"I've been praying for four foot of snow and it can fall as long as it wants to," said Niswonger.

As we do endure the snow and tough road conditions over the next couple of days everyone is encouraged to be careful and watch out for other drivers.

"May God be with us and we'll be all right," said Lyles.

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