Offbeat: 3 Year Old Mensa

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Craighead Co., AR (KAIT) - She's just 3 years old, but her brain power is way beyond her years. Her name is Lady Xeona, and this little lady is smart.

"I made up Xeona, because I didn't want anyone else to have her name," said her mom, Jennifer. "She's my only child, so I didn't realize she was anything special, until people started noticing her.  At 12 months, she could read the labels on the food at the grocery store and people were amazed."

"Lady" is a nickname and she's only three right now, but without any help, her mom says she learned her numbers and abc's before she was 1, and by 2 she had taught herself how to read.

"I typed an e-mail and she came up and said awesome," said Woodard. "I asked her what's awesome and she pointed to the word on the screen. I said, 'You know how to read,' and she said, 'yeah.'

Jennifer eventually took her to a psychologist who tested her and stopped short of calling her a genius, but did say she was highly gifted. So gifted in fact that at two years old, Xeona was accepted into Mensa International. Mensa is a worldwide organization for genius types, accepting only those with i-q's in the top 2 percent of the world's population.

"I do know a lot of things, but not all of the things," said Lady Xeona.

Right now this little lady is learning 5 languages: Spanish, Chinese, sign language, and English.

She's also taking Suzuki violin lessons and plays a pretty mean game of chess, and is a member of a local chess club. And believe it or not, this little girl does not like candy, won't eat a bite.  Like most little girls, she loves Hannah Montana, but not like most little girls, she also loves Opera.

"She's already ready past a first grade level," said her mother. "It's tough on her, because mentally she can keep up with the older kids, but physically they treat her like a baby."

As far as what Lady Zeona wants to be when she grows up, she says a rock star with her violin.

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