Mayor Perrin: "belt-tightening well worth it"

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Despite rising costs on necessities like fuel, a spending freezing and a reorganization helped the city of Jonesboro finish 2009 nearly $10.5 million below budget.

According to Mayor Harold Perrin, the city started with a total budget of more than $62 million; of that, $39 million was earmarked for operations and maintenance.

An unexpected jail bill bumped the budget to more than $68.5 million in expenses and increased the operations and maintenance figure to $42 million.

But, Mayor Perrin says, city department heads looked for ways to limit expenditures.  He says that, coupled with a spending freeze, resulted in the city coming nearly $10.5 million below budget.

Although the city managed to reduce the O&M deficit by 37%, Perrin says the work is not done.  He says the city is looking at other ways to reduce operating costs.

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