Jonesboro Mayor addresses the city

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- At Tuesday night's state of the city address, Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin acknowledged the city's many accomplishments in 2009. He said more work is needed to become an even stronger city.

Mayor Perrin says the city must continue to look for ways to trim the budget as well as bring more dollars into the city. He says it's also important to provide good customer service to citizens.

Perrin says that means thinking of ways to centralize city government and support groups and spreading police out in the community.

"We seriously need to be thinking about bringing the administration in and taking the police department and public safety out into these precincts out in these areas of town...north, south, east, and west," said Perrin.

Perrin added not only does the city have the required financial reserves--it has excess too.  He says it's imperative the city avoid dipping into those reserves too frequently.

"We are pro business.   We want to generate the economy--we want new jobs.   Obviously the consumer, you and I both want better roads to drive on, we want more right hand turn lanes, we want more of those things and it's going to take funds to do that," said Perrin.  

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