Arkansas Department of Health confirms rabid dog in Region 8

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT) – A family pet dog in Imboden has been confirmed rabid by the Arkansas Department of Health.

According to the ADH, the dog became ill back on January 25th and was eventually euthanized and submitted for rabies.

Several of the family members and others who were exposed to the dog are set to undergo a series of rabies vaccinations to prevent the development of the disease.

ADH says the dog was an inside/outside pet and stayed in a fenced in area when outside. The family said the dog did not receive any rabies vaccinations.

The family said the dog was sprayed by a skunk a month or two ago, but ADH says the disease cannot be transmitted in that fashion. The dog had been bitten as well, but the skunk was never located.

In 2009, Arkansas had 47 animals test positive for rabies. Thirty-six skunks, 9 bats, and 2 dogs. Both dogs from 2009 were from neighboring Randolph County.

Rabies is a virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord and is a fatal disease. Rabies can be found most often in skunks, bats, and foxes. Dogs, cats and livestock can also develop rabies, especially if not vaccinated.

For more information on rabies, go to the Arkansas Department of Health's web-site at:

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