Jobs coming to Region 8, thanks to the Census

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -All across the country the Census Bureau is gearing up to hire thousands of workers.

Here in Region 8, the Local office has over 20 counties to cover and that means lots of jobs are open.

Every 10 years the U.S. Census bureau needs a huge influx of workers, as our population grows so do the needs for more workers.

Terry Simmons is the local Census office manager.

His district covers 26 counties and he needs to hire a few people.

"I don't have the definite number of people we need because census operations all build on one another but between 1 and two thousand people actually work for us."

Simmons says they gotta have a lot of people because they have a lot of territory to cover.

Simmons, "Our office covers 26 counties. Pretty much the same boundaries as the First Congressional District. West of Mountain Home, Searcy and Marion County, across the bootheel and down to Arkansas County, Stuttgart , Helena and West Helena."

Lots of people to count and lots of people needed to count them.

"We want to get people from the communities where they live in to actually work for us and go door to door in those communities. We also need bilingual workers that speak Spanish especially."

Already the local office in Jonesboro is buzzing with activity as Simmons organizes his team for the upcoming months. The biggest need is for enumerators.

These are the people who go door to door either delivering questionnaires to people or helping them fill out questionnaires.

Other jobs will include Crew Leaders, Crew Leader Assistants, Recruiting Assistants and Census Clerks.

The pay is good with weekly pay days and hours are pretty flexible.

Simmons, "If someone is looking for 40 hours a week a lot of times we have that available. If you can only work in the evenings or weekends or a couple of days a week we have opportunities like that too."

And they are hiring Supervisors and Crew Leaders right now.

Simmons, "The actual census takers we'll start hiring them in another couple of weeks."

There are a couple of things you need to know. There will be a test you have to take.

Simmons, "Then if you're hired you have to be fingerprinted and the FBI does a background check on you and then after all that's cleared you're offered the job."

If you are interested in a position there is a toll free number to call.


When you are connected they will need your zip code and that will connect you with your local office to set up a testing date.

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