Electric bills on the rise

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Paragould, AR (KAIT) - Whether you heat your home by gas or electricity, you have a pretty good idea your bill during the winter will be higher. But not 200 or 300 dollars more like some residents in Paragould have seen. Bill Fisher the General Manager at Paragould Light Water & Cable (PLWC) said the rates have stayed the same.

Fisher said, "From December to January you would not see an increase in the rates. So it had nothing to do with rate increase."

According to Fisher the last time PLWC customers saw a rate increase was around the year 2000. Although there has not been a rate increase, the weather has played a big role in customers paying more. During the first of January temperatures stayed below freezing for about two weeks which led to a higher usage of electricity.

Fisher said, "We had our largest peak that we've had in the history of the company during the first part of January at 127 megawatts and the most we ever had prior to that was 115."

When you get your bill, Fisher said there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Fisher said, "Rather than looking at the total amount of the bill look at the kilowatt hours that have been billed that month in comparison to the kilowatt hours of the previous month."

Another item to look at is the meters are not read on the same day all the time.

Fisher said, "One month you might be billed for 28 days, the next month you might be billed for thirty days."

One way that you can keep your electric bill lower is by setting your thermostat on a certain temperature and leaving it there.

"I would say 65 to 70. All of us have different temperatures that we work on. But 65 to 70 is a good amount.

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