Young at Heart Expo 2011 makes being over 50 a good thing

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- If you are over 50 the Young at Heart Expo 2011 held Thursday in Jonesboro was the place to be.

Getting a wonderful back massage was just one of the things you could have enjoyed at the  Expo. It was a great opportunity for people over 50 that have earned their gray hairs to come out and see what's available to senior citizens in our area.

Nearly 50 vendors were on hand displaying everything from flower arrangements to new hospitals, eye care and bicycles. Healthy bodies are happy bodies and numerous clinics were offering health checks. Each booth had informational pamphlets so seniors could take it home and study it at their leisure.

Jean Pasmore attended this event for the first time this year. Pasmore says she feels like a pretty typical senior citizen.

"I'm in the fourth quarter and I'm enjoying it. I have family and friends and involved in a lot of activities, so yes, just have to make the best of each day," She said.

Pasmore says the free health screenings are a good thing because many seniors health care is not as good as it could be and the expo gave them a chance to get tests without cost. Also she said, there was a great educational opportunity as well.

Pasmore, "There's so much available within our community that we don't know about. This does help us to be informed."

One booth that received lots of attention was the Social Security booth. Workers were on hand to answer questions and pass out information to the public showing them how to register on line for benefits.

Many people over 55 may feel like they are unemployable even though they have so much life experience to offer. Sheree Easley works for the nonprofit agency, "Experience Works." Her organization believes in and supports the older worker.

"People over 55 do better jobs. " Easley said, "They're more reliable, they have the experience that you need, and we help them."

Easley's agency provides training or enhancement training for unemployed low-income seniors. They are hooked up with host agencies like courthouses, or city offices  for a training period.

Easley said, "After about 2 years we expect the participants to be job ready and we will help them find a job."

A chance for a new job or information on retirement, or a blood pressure check. It was a good day to be a senior at the Young at Heart Expo.

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