Students grapple with a Grapple

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you have children you know how difficult it can be to get them to try new foods.

Especially vegetables and fruits that look *different* than what they are used to.

The Nettleton School District has a grant to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables to kids who might not ordinarily try them.

Nettleton has been receiving this grant for two years and it's spread around four different schools.

If you shut your eyes and took a sniff it smells like a grape. them and it looks like a Fuji apple.

"It's the Gra(ay)pple an apple that tastes like it's had grape Kool-Aid injected in it." Says Leshia Stevens one of the Grant writers.

Actually they soak the apples in grape-flavored water out in Washington where they are grown.

Now pass them out to second graders. Watch the teeth crunch and the look on the faces as the grape and apple combine flavors.

Giving the second graders the fruit is part of Nettleton's Fresh Fruits and Vegetables grant.

Stevens, "The grant pays for the fresh fruit and vegetables so the educational component is up to the class room teachers to incorporate into their curriculum."

If you are going to eat different fruits, you need to learn about them.

Cindy Thomas had her class watch a food channel segment on the making of the Grapple.

"How they injected the grape flavor into the Fuji Apple. And so that's one way we learned about it."

You can't see what the kids like unless you try it yourself. So I'm gonna try this grape smelling, apple tasting fruit for myself. It's pretty darn good.

This fruit was a hit and in a grape-flavored way their horizons were broadened a bit more.

Stevens, "It's interesting to hear the response of the children whether they liked it or not. But it's more of awareness for them to just try different fruits and vegetables."

In a perfect world we would all eat and enjoy everything that was set before us..The program has had one or two failures.

But the grapples were a definite hit.

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