Winter weather and dry skin

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Dry, itchy, red and flaky skin is common during the winter months. Dr. Brooke Gibson with St. Bernard's said the weather plays a key factor because the air is a lot drier.

Dr. Gibson said, "The winter weather, the drier air, and the harsh winds cause our skin to dry out. So yes the winter is definitely harder on our skin than the summer months because of the dry, the dry air."

But it's easy to combat the dry skin.

Dr. Gibson said, "The main thing is daily moisturizing. A good lotion, non-scented lotions like a Lubriderm or a Dove lotion is very good."

According to Dr. Gibson you need to apply lotion daily to help replenish the skin. The best time to do this is right after you bathe.

There are numerous types of lotions available, but ladies those scented lotions are usually not as good because they don't moisturize the skin as well as non-scented.

Dr. Gibson said, "In the winter you're trying to bring that skin barrier back so like the thicker lotions like that Lubriderm or even creams. Moisturizing creams not just lotions will help."

The dry winter air may be the leading factor to dry skin, but the type of soap you use can make conditions worse.

Dr. Gibson said, "The mild soaps just your basic Aveeno bath or Dove soaps those are going to be your best."

Dry skin is not the only problem. Add chapped lips to the list too.

Dr. Gibson said, "Just moisturize, you know the Vaseline or lip balm. Moisturize daily just as you would with your skin."

Besides lotions there are other things that can help with the dry skin.

Dr. Gibson said, "Humidifiers, that adds moisture to the air which decreases the dryness of the skin. Also just eating a balanced diet and replenishing your daily nutrients and vitamins.

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