Speeding trouble spots in Region 8

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JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) -  You're on a long stretch of road, speed limit signs say one thing--but admit it --we're probably all guilty of going  a little over right?

"The fastest one I've clocked on 49 or Southwest drive out here has been 80-85 in a 50," said Corporal Heath McEntire.

Corporal Heath McEntire with the Jonesboro Police Department says 49 south is one of the areas that keeps him the busiest.

"Usually if I'm not on an accident--then this is where I'm at," said McEntire.

McEntire says a contributing factor in most of the accidents they investigate is speed. He says due to recent accidents in the area, he's hopeful his presence will slow people down.

"This is just an area I've tried to work hard on and deter people from speeding," said McEntire.

Like 49 south, Highway 18 east has 5 lanes of open road and a higher speed limit. Mcentire says complaints of people driving too fast gets JPD's attention. A frequent police presence here can often get driver's attention too.

"We're just strictly out here getting people to use good common sense and slow down," said McEntire.

As for the traffic division at JPD, McEntire says they concentrate a lot  on the main roads because there's more traffic and higher speeds--but  don't be surprised to find police on the roads less traveled either.

"This is Brown's Lane between Highland and Race street," said McEntire.

The speed limit is 30, but McEntire says cars have been clocked going 15 to 20 plus.  He says speed limit signs have recently been put up, making it all the more important to notice surroundings when on the road before police notice you speeding.

"We're growing and it's getting to be more and more of a problem," said Sergeant Mark Walker.

Paragould Police Sergeant Mark Walker says like in Jonesboro,  it's the busiest roads with the highest speeds that get the most attention and where drivers get the most tickets.

"I would say the majority of them are on Highway 49 simply because of the volume," said Walker.

Another trouble spot for speeding in Paragould is 412 near Greene County Tech. Walker says not only do they get complaints of people speeding--there's an added concern with so many kids nearby.

"When school starts up we really try to flood that area--and just officer presence sometimes slows them down," said Walker.

Walker says a residential area near GCT gets a lot of complaints about speeding," said Walker.

"Those kids are walking to school and that concerns the parents even more," said Walker.

Walker says PPD has increased patrols near the school  too.

"Just seeing that officer--he'll check and it will slow him down and that's all we need," said Walker.

Both Sergeant Walker and Corporal Heath McEntire say police presence is sometimes all it takes to slow drivers down--and that they say is their goal.

"I don't want to have to go to someone's house and knock on their door and tell their mom or dad their son was killed in a car accident because he was speeding," said McEntire.

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