Poplar Bluff Gym Has Carbon Monoxide Leak

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - On Tuesday morning, the Poplar Bluff Fire Department cleared out Ozark Fitness after a carbon monoxide leak sent several people to the hospital.

The gym has reopened and the leak has been taken care of.

It all started when several members couldn't push through their workouts like they usually could, but they never thought they were in a potentially deadly situation.

"A lady who is normally real athletic was kind of sick right when we went out and I was training one of my clients who always, when you push him, just goes harder," said Ozark Fitness personal trainer Solomon Whitchurch.  "And he didn't want to do that. For some reason he was having a hard time breathing and just couldn't push."

Whitchurch said he too started to feel the effects of something...he just didn't know what it was.

"Hopped on the treadmill for a minute, and I had to go back and I threw up. And then I just couldn't work out," he said.

A gym employee then called the fire department, and luckily only a few people had to go to the hospital with minor symptoms.

Dr. Dirso Aldana said the situation could have been much worse.

"It's odorless, it has no color to it and you can just kind of creeps up on you," he said.

Businesses in Missouri are not required to have carbon monoxide detectors but Ozark Fitness owner Austin Tinsley says they will be installed soon.

However, Dr. Aldana says he thinks that's a law that should be changed.

"Especially in public places, you must protect the public against the exposure to carbon monoxide. I totally agree with that," he said.

Now none of the states in the heartland require carbon monoxide detectors in homes and businesses.

It's up to each city or county to make those calls.

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