Jonesboro Prays For Soldiers

March 21, 2003
Posted at: 6:58 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- More than one-hundred people gathered Saturday afternoon from all over Region 8 to provide support for our troops by praying for them.

Ted Pylant of the Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation who helped organize the event said, "Our country was founded in the belief in God and faith, and it's important that we support our soldiers and pray for our soldiers."

Debbie Putt came to the rally to pray that god will shed his grace on her husband, Sergeant First Class John Putt and his troop, the 1123rd Transportation Company of Marked Tree and Blytheville.

Putt said, "All our soldiers need our support, every last one of them, not just my husband and their troop, but all our soldiers."