Ipods taking teaching to a whole new level

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "Once we got them in here, we realized it was a good thing, this is something we need to continue to do, said Woodrow Wilson's Technology Facilitator, Matt McGowan.

Ipods in the classroom is nothing new to Woodrow Wilson students, but thanks to 100 thousand in grant money--there will soon be even more Ipods in more classrooms--and that's not all.

"Every teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary will be getting an Apple desktop," said McGowan.

"It really puts the learning in their hands," said teacher, Courtney Young.

Literally! The Ipods will be customized for each child--creating tech-savvy students and paving the way for successful adults.

"When you think about all of the careers students may have, technology is going to be in all of them. Getting them used to it and feeling comfortable with it, it's only going to help them," said Young.

Students won't be the only ones learning.  Danelle Rogers' class is one that will be outfitted with the new equipment--and new experiences for students and teachers.

"That's just leading the way into the future and I think it's a tremendous opportunity," said Rogers.

An opportunity to use technology that principal Michael Allen says will only enhance the child's education.

"Students all learn at various levels and it's just a tool that enables us to individualize instruction that much further," Allen.

"Anytime you can put a piece of technology in their hands and it's individualized for them, they can use them at any time--I think it's very beneficial and they really, really, enjoy it," said McGowan.

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