During the storm, who's making the dough

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CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - There's no business like snow business! When the weather takes a nasty turn--**some** businesses really thrive!

Who really rakes in the green when we're covered in white.

I selected 3 businesses that do well when the weather turns really nasty.

When the weather turns really bad, we go for the basics, Pizza, Movies and a quick trip for some anti freeze.

At Jordan's Kwik Stop in Brookland I visited with manager Kimberly Campbell who had just replenished her bread supplies.

Milk and bread being big sellers before the storm.

Campbell says storms are cyclic for her store.

"During the mess we have really slowed down but at the end when it starts to clear up business picks up and goes back to normal again."

They also have a pretty good supply of grocery items that are sold since there is no grocery store in Brookland. But the biggest sellers when the snow flies besides milk and bread?

"Chicken, fried chicken would be my next guess on that."

Being housebound with nothing on the TV can make you crazy. Many brave the ice and rent a movie.

"It was just backed up. It was all the way back there, People coming in, we did a lot of business, lot of money."

Alley Campbell Manages the Movie Gallery off Southwest drive. During this past event she says they doubled their normal goals.

Campbell says any stormy weather she says brings them through the doors.

"Rain, snow anything. People think their cables gonna go out so they come rent movies."

Got your bread and milk, something to watch now you have to eat..What else will do besides Pizza.

At Papa Johns Pizza, Shift Leader Dawn Akers says she's just trying to keep up with the demands.

What with the weather, Customer Appreciation Days and the Super Bowl the phones have been ringing off the hook.

Akers, "It's been pretty crazy for about 3 weeks. really, really busy, good for business. Even my pickup time now is like 45 minutes it's just that busy."

Even as the ice melts delivery can take over an hour due to demand. But it seems to pay off for the store.

"You know in our region we're the Number 1 Papa Johns store with all this business we've had."

So it's not just body shops and tow trucks who do well in bad weather. A lot of businesses flourish.

But a word of advice.

If you order out in a storm and they deliver..a little extra for the driver is always appreciated.

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