Things to remember before working, playing in icy conditions

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "Neck sprains, shoulder sprains, back sprains, twisted knees--we've mainly seen people who have fallen down on the ice," said Dr. Traci Buxton.

They are common injuries Dr. Traci Buxton at First Care says come with the season.

"We've seen lots of people who have hurt their knees--lots of orthopedic injuries," said Buxton.

Dr. Buxton says extreme cold can exasperate lung conditions like emphysema or asthma that can lead to more serious conditions like pneumonia. Shoveling show, Buxton says, is certainly no easy task--and can be dangerous for someone with pre-existing heart conditions.

"It may be more exercise than they are used to, and it may bring on more problems," said Buxton.

To show just how much of a work out shoveling can be--they took my heart rate before I grabbed a shovel--it was about 100 beats per minute.  For 2 minutes, I shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled.  My heart rate was up to about 140.  Again, Dr. Buxton reminds those with heart conditions to be aware.

"They should probably find someone to help them with that.  It would be just like going for a run or a jog," said Dr. Buxton.

Dr. Buxton says there are things everyone needs to remember whether their working outdoors or just playing.  She says remember to dress in multiple warm layers, change clothes if you get wet--even if it's from sweating, and she says above all be careful and remember ice can be hard to see so watch your steps.

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