Possible stimulus funds reductions in some Region 8 schools

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) - Around 770 thousand dollars....

"That was the original amount we were told we would get," said Marmaduke Superintendent, Tim Gardner.

State stabilization funds the district is using for new construction, renovations, and upgrades around the school.

"We've probably spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 thousand and have been reimbursed for  70 thousand at this point," said Gardner.

Gardner says future plans for the rest of that money are now on hold.  He says the district may not be getting all of the money they first thought.

"I received a letter back in January stating that we probably shouldn't count on 33 percent of the total we were told we would get," said Gardner.

He says it's a letter superintendents statewide received. He says if they don't get that 33 percent, it will cut their funding back about 221 thousand dollars.

"We've been told that we'll have final word on how much money we will get sometime in March," said Gardner.

Gardner says the good news is they haven't already obligated those funds. He says even if they don't get that 33 percent, they will probably still be able to install new heating and air units around the school--which for them is a top priority and would make the school more energy efficient.

"The two that we may not be able to do, we can get done in the future, we're just not going to be able to do them right now," said Gardner.

Gardner says the two projects that may have to be put on the side for now are renovations for the cafeteria/kitchen and the agriculture classroom.  He says they may be put off for 2 to 3 years, maybe longer.

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