Semi-truck overturns, emergency crews respond

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT)- Emergency crews spent several hours Sunday afternoon after a truck loaded down with cereal turns over in Greene County.

"He was coming around the corner and felt his load shift and once the load shifted it carried him into the oncoming lane and laid the 18 wheeler onto the side," said Lt. Shane Martin of the Marmaduke Police Department.

Smashing into the ground leaving rescue crews wondering how they would get the truck back onto 18 wheels.

"It is my understanding they're trying to put airbags underneath it to raise the trailer so they can put some straps underneath to lift it," said Martin.

A crew from Union City, Tennessee arrived just after two o'clock and used a generator and inflation devices to lift the truck, saving time and effort.

"The only other option we had was to shut the highway down for who knows how long and unload the truck by hand," said Martin.

Lt. Martin said truck driver Michael Owen got some scratches in the accident, but is doing ok.  The driver was issued a traffic ticket for inattentive driving.

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