Region 8 student takes loaded gun to Westside Elementary

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  "One of our teachers at the elementary school was alerted by a student that another student possibly had a gun," said Dr. James Best.

Shortly after, the teacher confronted the student, and confiscated the gun according to Westside Superintendent, Dr. James Best.

SRO's (school resource officers) and principals estimate anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes based on when the child actually handed the gun to the teacher," said Dr. Best.

Dr. Best calls it a textbook response by both the teacher and the student who reported the weapon.

"I just can't get over that a six-year-old child showed the maturity and responsibility to do what he did.   That is a remarkable feat," said Dr. Best.

Officials say exactly how the elementary student got his hands on the gun is still being investigated.  Dr. Best says he believes one of the toughest questions administrators face is what, if anything, can be done to prevent similar instances.

"There is a fine line between keeping school from being school and going too far and making it, trying to make it as iron clad safe and control every factor that you can," said Dr. Best.

Cara Cox has children in the elementary, middle and junior high campuses.  She hadn't heard about the incident and says she's surprised by the news.

"Like I said, I pray for our schools, and I pray over my kids everyday so I know that they're ok," said Cox.

Dr. Best says he can't comment on the child's case.  He says in any incident like this, he says they will follow their district policy.

"We've always taken a hard line on safety and this is why.   You can't afford to be wrong one time," said Dr. Best.

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