Gun experts urge public to secure firearms

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Gun experts told Region 8 News Tuesday more people have purchased pistols over the last year. According to Cody Driskell with DNW Outdoors, pistol sales have risen approximately 50% in the last year. This comes as law enforcement agencies across the Region 8 viewing area urge parents to safely secure all types of firearms.

"As a parent, you need to teach your kid about guns. If you're going to have guns around the house, they need to know the basics about guns and how dangerous (they are). There's nothing such as an unloaded gun," said Dennis Noell with DNW.

Dennis has two daughters who have grown up around guns their entire lives.

"People that hunt a lot have guns and their kids have been more educated on the dangers of guns and how to safely use a firearm," said Dennis.

Kay Noell said Arkansas state law requires all gun transactions in the state to include trigger locks. Trigger locks are low cost tools to prevent the weapon from firing.

"Every gun comes with a lock, with a trigger lock. There's no excuse not to have the guns locked up and then you can go the extra mile and purchase a gun safe and keep all of your guns locked," said Kay.

Law enforcement officials told Region 8 News parents need to take responsibility and keep firearms secure. This comes after two guns were discovered at schools over the last few weeks.

"All guns, pistols, shotguns and rifles have to come with some sort of gun lock," said Driskell. "You've got to train your kids. Get them to know what's good and what's bad."

Kay told Region 8 News parents do not realize the responsibility they accept when they become owner of a firearm.

"I think that we're definitely not taking the situation as serious as it needs to be. We're relaxed and if you're a gun owner, your guns need to be locked up, end of story. It's not hard. It's just something that we're not taking care of business on," said Kay.

"My kids know the danger of a gun. They know they're not to handle a gun or touch a gun unless they're under adult supervision," said Dennis.

"I have a fear of guns myself. I definitely know what they're capable of doing and I'm a responsible gun owner and I keep them locked up and I educate my kids about them as well," said Kay.

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