COPY-Late-Breaking: Body found in New Madrid County

Good afternoon.  We have some late-breaking news this afternoon as authorities investigate a body found in New Madrid County.  We have a photographer on the way to the scene.  So, stick with us for updates on Heartland News and

A collaboration project ranks each state's counties on health outcomes and the multiple health factors that determine a county's health.  We have team coverage with health reporter Stephanie Byars and Tyler Profilet on how many Heartland counties rank low and reaction from local healthcare providers.

The mother of a severely handicapped boy involved in a bus crash yesterday in Cape Girardeau County speaks out today.  Laura Wibbenmeyer talks with the tearful mother about her fears of letting her son ride the bus again and what the bus company has to say about the crash.

Authorities investigate the death of a man found dead near a casino in Metropolis yesterday.

Kathy Sweeney highlights foreclosures in Cape Girardeau County in the past year and give us lots of tips on what you can do to avoid foreclosure this year.

Missouri ambulance services are dealing with budget cuts as Medicare reimbursement is being cut.

Southern Illinois University says an apparent breach of one of its old computers in Carbondale may put about 900 students at risk of being defrauded.  Carly O'Keefe talks with a university spokesperson about how someone could get a list of names from classes five years ago.

Bob Reeves says tomorrow should be a nice weather day.

Christy Hendricks
News Web Producer/Reporter