The First ever Young at Heart Expo

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -It was a great day to be young at heart for Region 8's baby boomers.

The first Young at Heart Expo was held at the Jonesboro Holiday Inn Holidome and there was a great turn out.

Being over 50 myself but not yet ready for the title of "Senior Citizen" I was keenly interested in seeing what I could learn.

And education was what it was all about, learning how to make an over 50 lifestyle work.

Sheila Harrison is KAIT's Internet Sales Director a driving force behind the event. When this project was developed it was targeted for those over 50 and what information they wanted.

Harrison, "We really wanted to bring some vendors and different health entities to be a resource to those age groups."

With everything from Harley-Davidson to Diabetes testing to storm windows to saving money by using the library you couldn't go home without learning something useful.

Linda Johnson told me events like this make it easier for seniors to become informed.

"A lot of times seniors won't necessarily always go and when you provide this to the community, it's a place where they can gather all their information at one time."

There were health screenings and seminars and natural health supplements, and who doesn't want a good book to read or healthy skin.

Being Young at Heart means being ready to find out how to enjoy the golden years.

Johnson, "Just to find out what I don't already know about."

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