Cold weather and plants

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Thursday marked day 21 that the high temperature in Jonesboro has stayed below the thirty year average. However it's still February and we officially have a few more weeks of winter remaining.

The long stretch of below average temperatures has some asking whether this will have an impact on plants. Larry Vickers with Sartin Services said that plants are not doing too bad.

Vickers said, "Have seen a little bit of breakage in things on some plant material from some of the excess snow and stuff that was laid on it for awhile, but as far as detrimental things, not really."

According to Vickers, the air temperatures don't affect ground temperatures as much as you might think. That means whatever is already planted in the ground is in pretty good shape.

This winter has brought more than just cold. We've seen our fair share of snow too.  Jonesboro has picked up 13.6 inches, which is 9 inches above the annual snowfall.

Vickers said all of this snow is actually a good thing for the plants.

Vickers said, "One of the advantages of a good heavy snow like we've just gotten recently is the snow will actually absorb into the ground a lot slower than what a regular rain will."

After a long winter like this, some plants may look dead but Vickers said that's not always the case.

Vickers said, "You can go in there and just give it a little bit of time. Trim it back a little bit, do a light pruning on it and then fertilize it good and just give it some time and it will recover."

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