Mixed reactions to stimulus package one year later

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "I think we need to boost our economy and if that takes government spending, then that takes government spending," said Marcus Tribbett.

"I don't think it was anywhere near enough," said Cindi Earls.

Debates wage on from main street to Wall Street, a year after the 787 billion dollar stimulus package was enacted. Was it too big? Not big enough? Perhaps above all, has it helped?

"This is a long hard slog and we need many many months of strong job growth to return the economy to health," said Christopher Brown.

Christopher Brown is a Professor of Economics at ASU.  He says he doesn't believe anyone thought these funds would be a miraculous "cure all" for the economy's woes.

"We need ten million new jobs, just to get back to the unemployment rate we saw back in 2007," said Brown.

Brown says it has put people to work--on America's roads, for example.  Jobs with far reaching benefits for those working on the  highways and beyond.

"That injection of income has spilt over to our retailers, our realtors on other business people," said Brown.

Brown says confidence to spend by the those in the private sector and in construction will be key to recovery.

"We need strong private sector expenditure for machinery, new factories, new power plants et cetera," said Brown.

Marcus Tribbett says he believes tax credits that are apart of this package, like for first time home buyers or those looking to go greener, are doing what they were intended to do.

"They encourage people to get into the markets and get money out there," said Tribbett.

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