Highway 63 Construction Ongoing in Region 8

March 26, 2003
Posted at: 9:04 p.m. CST

BONO, Ark. -- Drivers across Region 8 are will soon enjoy wider roads, and easier commutes, thanks to several construction projects around Craighead County.

The round orange blobs on local highways can make driving complicated sometimes, but highway officials promise a better path when they're removed. The Highway 63 interchange is looking more like it will after crews are finished. A tall landscaping project will turn into many more lanes.

About twenty years ago, there was a proposal to control access through 63 through Jonesboro," Highway Engineer Joe Barnett said. "We are now working to put in the interchange and frontage roads, so it will act like a major interstate highway."

A smoother path from Highway 63 to Jonesboro, and of course, from the newer, wider, way to the city's downtown.

"We have two contracts that have started on Johnson and Dan Avenues," Barnett said. "We'll be working over the next two years to widen from the existing two lanes to five lanes, and it will be an urban curb and gutter type section highway. It will connect to the new 63-B interchange, which is also under contract out by the Old Barry's truck stop."

The new 63-B, currently Dan Avenue, will become more than twice as wide as what you see and drive on now. Highway maps, portraits of progress for the future won't happen overnight, but when they do, officials say the wider, better paths will improve traffic flow to virtually anywhere in Northeast Arkansas.