Weather causing lawn care woes & seasonal jobs

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Cold temperatures and above average snow have been common this winter across Region 8. With spring only a few weeks away, lawn care workers have started preparing.

Doug Frederick owns Frederick's Lawn & Landscape in Jonesboro. He said the weather has put them behind.

Frederick said, "We've lost a couple of weeks of work due to the snow. Basically not just the snow itself but the melting of the snow has made everything really wet."

During the winter months Frederick says they spend time cleaning up leaves and other debris plus doing some trimming. The problem is they are still playing catch-up to get ready for spring.

Frederick said by the end of February into early March things start greening up. But all of the precipitation we've seen is putting lawn work on hold.

Frederick said, "It's too wet to be out there on the grass right now. You can go out there and step on it and you can hear the slushing sound underneath your feet."

More precipitation whether it be rain or snow will only make things worse.

Frederick said, "It would definitely continue to push us back a little bit and it basically all depends on how much more rain we have in the future.  March is known for a wet season."

As long as the sun comes out and the temperatures keep going up, things will dry up pretty quickly. Frederick said this stretch of weather is not going to get him down.

Frederick said, "It might be a hassle, but it won't hinder us or stop us or put us out of business or anything like that."

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