New camera equipment for JPD

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-- "I think there's almost an expectation now to the public that when there is a traffic stop, that we will have a recording of it.  In addition, not just a traffic stop but maybe some other incident, maybe a pursuit or some other critical incident that an officer responds to, said Sergeant Steve McDaniel, Jonesboro Police Department.

Making sure camera equipment is reliable is paramount--both for police officers and the public.

"We've been able to use these video recordings to help us in a whole lot of court cases in the past and also in cases of general complaints against officers," said Sgt. McDaniel.

McDaniel says being able to see and hear what happens during a traffic stop for example can be very important.  The Jonesboro Police Department is getting a boost to help keep all their cameras rolling.

"What we're looking at is nine camera systems," said Sgt. McDaniel.

McDaniel says the price tag is around 54 thousand dollars.

It was already in this year's budget.  They will replace ones that aren't working properly and could end up saving the city money.

"If we have to make a few more repairs on them, it's going to be a lot cheaper just to purchase new equipment," said McDaniel.

McDaniel says repairs on camera's can cost upwards of 35 hundred dollars.  He says typically when they purchase new equipment, it's an upgrade from what they had.

As time goes by, things get better--they add more features.   They're easier to use.   There's more memory storage...things like that," said Sgt. McDaniel.

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